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Music and happenings

Buone feste!

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cane natalizio che dormeAuguri a tutti,

buone feste,

buon Natale

e felice anno nuovo!


Elio and the Troubled Stories - Trieste - Barcolana 2008

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2008 October 11th, in Unità d'Italia Square in Trieste, during the Barcolana 2008 (well known regatta), also Elio e le Storie Tese (Elio and the Troubled Stories) were on the stage, for about one hour and a half with a playlist including old and new songs aiming to promote "non vulgarity", answering to those who accuse them to be vulgar that they misinterpreted their message. The  "classic" T.V.U.M.D.B. (in English something like "My love for you is great like the sea") with Mangoni (a member of the band) disguised like a red pepper (screaming "PEM", as said in another song) and - after 25 years - the Elii's (a nick of the band) first and real piano player presented his "Progetto Stanlio e Ollio" (Laurel & Hardy project... financed for 25 years by the Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia...).

Sometimes it happens that mental lucidity is obfuscated for a couple of seconds by our own "idols"  and that one to go at the concert makes things that wuold have discarded "with closed eyes"...

Even if I took in consideration the big mess going with those events, a little for a country and on the road mind, I decide to go by car and seek for a park somewhere near the square. After looking in the places where usually one parks to go in the city and - obviously - found them more than full, here comes the first shining idea: I could go to the Marina zone (naval store zone) - where generally there is a lot of parking-space - going through the fair. After all on friday I tried and I did it...