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Joom!fish 2.0 rc in Italian language

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I manage this site with Joomla! (it's the 500th time I wrote it, but repetita iuvant) and the English translation with Joom!fish 2.0 rc component (Joom!fish 2.0 release candidate). For those who don't know English or can't digest it so well also in the Joomla! menus and so on, in my free time I "freely" translated completely (about...) in Italian.

"It had already been done!", or - really! - "I had already done it, Bischero0.5!" someone says...

But not so well and clearly (I'm joking)!

What can I say - not counting that stupid announcment in English for something in Italian -, if you need it, in English, download it from the original website www.joomfish.net. If you need it in Italian, download from the official website forum (probably and shortly you'll find it in their download section) or from my (this) website.

To the next! (I hope not to be accused... this software is GPL1, so...)


0.5. Bischero: a typical tuscan expression, meaning "stupid person" but in a lovely way.

1. No, it doesn't use Liquified Petroleum Gases, but a Public GNU License!


The Lega Nord, the dung beetle and gaiety

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Stercoraro che rotola una pallina di caccaDamn! I just noticed that this blog is becoming like the denunciation ones, who ever criticize all and spot only on the worst society things (usually they are right...), and so today no pessimism and let's look the world with positivity goggles.

...yes. Reasons to be happy (family not included)?

Uhm, not counting the "Po' Valleys people's party" in Venice on the September 14th 2008 at the  Riva degli Schiavoni0.5 (fantastic! Everyone has its own interpretation, maybe a random happening.... or they would have choose it because they feel Rome-Big-Thief's slaves... it makes me bend in two laughing! The Po' Valley's People ask for freedom and autonomy and at least they make a party on the Slaves Shore in Venice? Marvellous!  Maybe next Po' Valley's parachutists meeting will be in Sottomarina0.6).

Naaaaah... I found another reason: it seems stupid but makes me happy. Today, while walking under the trees I met a dung beetle for the first time! My favourite beetle! Obviously I took some pictures (click here to magnify the picture - 620 kbytes).


Microprocessor ovens

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Popcorn sul dissipatore per CPU Laughing and joking, one can see some smart electrical appliances i.e. the one that can  communicate in a certain meaning of the term: boiler starting when they receive an SMS, refrigerators making the shopping list, ovens giving you recipes  searching the Internet  to find some with the food in the refrigerator, after the refrigerator itself talked to the oven to tell what food there is and asked an opinion to the boiler about the ideal temperature... They talk together! What a thing.

But what they say during all the day? Are they like some old man sitted on the bench talking in clichés or commonplaces?

"Eh, we don't have the server we had once upon a time!"...

"There are no more half seasons!" (a typical Italian cliché) the boiler says...

"We don't find more genuine products we had once upon a time!" the refrigerator to the oven...


"Hey, if you could see what prices in these little shops! It's sure they go under..." again the refrigerator shopping...

"And the telephone fees? What a theft for a SMS!" the boiler goes on...

"But it's a Government negligence, not to do nothing to encourage internal market and save the little shopkeepers!" (uh! also electrical appliances know it!).

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Meanings evolution: FREE

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English translation not yet available, sorry.
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Damn'd Hacker!

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English translation not yet available, sorry.
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The Twilight Zone

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English translation not yet available, sorry.
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Austria and spiteful monkeys

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English translation not yet available, sorry.
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