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The Saccaromicio

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half yeast, half kittenUhm... many people like beer.

Not all of them know that this drink's alcoholic phermentation is made by a yeast called "Beer yast" or saccharomyces cerevisiae (and doubles itself to work... also to make bread, not only beer).

And they neither know that this yeast isn't really sociable (obvious, it works for two all the day...) like otherwise a kitten1 could be.

So the PGB Genetics Laboratoires are proud to present their biotechnological product: from the coupling of yeast an kitten, here is the SACCAROMICIO, a sociable yeast!

The only cons are that is always drunk, scratchs and leaves around its pee and poo...


1. In Italian "micio" is a kitten. And sounds like the latin "myces" (of the saccharomyces)

P.s.: in italian the word Saccaromicio sounds like SaccharoKitten and is near to Saccharomyces

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New life - Day seventh

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Sorry no English translation yet...
Last Updated ( Thursday, 30 October 2008 11:45 )

Elio and the Troubled Stories - Trieste - Barcolana 2008

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2008 October 11th, in Unità d'Italia Square in Trieste, during the Barcolana 2008 (well known regatta), also Elio e le Storie Tese (Elio and the Troubled Stories) were on the stage, for about one hour and a half with a playlist including old and new songs aiming to promote "non vulgarity", answering to those who accuse them to be vulgar that they misinterpreted their message. The  "classic" T.V.U.M.D.B. (in English something like "My love for you is great like the sea") with Mangoni (a member of the band) disguised like a red pepper (screaming "PEM", as said in another song) and - after 25 years - the Elii's (a nick of the band) first and real piano player presented his "Progetto Stanlio e Ollio" (Laurel & Hardy project... financed for 25 years by the Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia...).

Sometimes it happens that mental lucidity is obfuscated for a couple of seconds by our own "idols"  and that one to go at the concert makes things that wuold have discarded "with closed eyes"...

Even if I took in consideration the big mess going with those events, a little for a country and on the road mind, I decide to go by car and seek for a park somewhere near the square. After looking in the places where usually one parks to go in the city and - obviously - found them more than full, here comes the first shining idea: I could go to the Marina zone (naval store zone) - where generally there is a lot of parking-space - going through the fair. After all on friday I tried and I did it...

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New life - day 0

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Revolutions start on Monday...

If I were a woman, probably I would have changed color to my hairs, to underline this turn (but I would never do such things, I'm not that kind of guy... ih ih ih).

Don't worry, I'm not going to change my gender, neither to run away in Alaska or other similar things. Let's start from the beginning.

Not so far ago I realized that I was a bit overweight: aligned with the European mean... one could say. This is a wrong behaviour (it's only a mind excuse). 

In addition, from too much time my life became sedentary. I never killed myself with sports, before, but for much time I practised any kind of physical activity. Now I don't have time to do this... my job, travels, this and that... Another wrong behaviour (another mind excuse).

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jsMath, mathematics formulas on your webpages

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jsMath websiteDear?! I would like to... put math formulas of a certain complexity on my website.

I asked myself how can one put them online, because html language does't permit to view them well, except the simple ones like y = ax2 + bx + c (Wow! I talk with parables! I'm a mix of Jesus and SKY TV!).

Collecting some stuff on the uorld uàid uèb (the world wide web - or the Internet) I discovered that this topic has been examined (and keep being examined) by many people and that there are many solutions.

The simplest is to write the formula on a specialized software and put an image of the formula in the exact point of the html document.  Cons: when one magnifies the fonts the images remain at the same size that had before and a bad work is coming out. If I would save the document to read it later, I have to save also a directory with images and files... If I realize that I typed a wrong formula I have to run the program again, export again the image, load it again on the server... a bad work!

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Tea Pi.Gi.'s - bustina di teaLadies and Gentlemen, TEA AND COFFEE MERCHANTS PI.GI.'S & CO. LTD ANGHIARI is proud to announce, bay appointment to HER MAJESTY GRAND DUKE LEOPOLD II OF TUSKANY, a new product.

After the Cacao Meravigliao1 from Indietro Tutta of Arbore & co., here is to you the SCEMOn TEA0.5 (click the image to magnify - 132 kbytes), a mix of the best parts from the chinese tea gardens... ("parts of what?!" - it comes from the name of the product2).

"Here inside there are twenty kinds of different tea, all thight-knit... as a winner team. To me? Number one!" (ops, no... this was Dan Peterson in the Lipton Tea TV spot).

For those Italians who don't masticate English too much (and drink it lesser) this precious product sounds like "Big Stupid You!" in a slang from the Tri-veneto.

This jewel, already patented - I would like to see... - have no market in Italy yet, so if someone is intersted, hands up! Sorridente


0.5 contraction of SCEnted leMON TEA... have you ever already seen this bag around? I give you an hint: www.twinings.com or look here.

1. An imaginary product (something like "Marvellous Cocoa" in a portuguese-like slang) sponsor of the  Comic TV broadcast "Indietro Tutta" in the 90's.

2. As explained later, parts of "big stupid people"...

Last Updated ( Thursday, 16 October 2008 16:47 )


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AplhaPlug websiteIn this period I'm integrating myself in the Open Source developer community. Wait... more in the Zero Euro for hour translators. I started with the corrected itlian version of Bernard Gilly's mXcomment, the extension used in this site for the articles comments. Between there is Joom!fish (already translated by someone, I know... but only language files), as i detailed in yesterday's article, while the new entry is AlphaUserPoints, another extension from the programmer of mXcomment. AlphaUserPoints is a Referral User Point System, a component allowing the creation of users communities that earn points sharing some contents, inviting new users to read and/or register and recommending users/contents. Cumulating those points they can change their level climbing the Joomla! stair and pass from "user" to "author" to "editor" to "publisher"...

I put here the software, sending you to the developer site for more information or updated versions. The component is made of 4 parts:

1) AlphaUserPoint, the component itself;

2) MostActiveUser, an aggiuntive module listing most active users;

3) LastPointsEarnedBy, another module listing last points earned;

4) MostReferralUser, the module listing most referral users.


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